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Are you an agency?

No, our site is an escort directory. We serve agencies as well as independent companions, and above all, you – our customers. Our aim is to help you find your dream escort in Malta through our webpages. We provide a platform and offer publicity for sex workers who want to advertise escort services to a large and wide-ranging audience. While we do not ourselves employ companions, we ensure their ads are accessible and live on our site, so that clients and sex workers can get in touch with each other quickly, easily and in confidence.

Are the escort girls featured in your directory real?

Yes, the ads you will find on our platforms belong to real call girls. Sometimes the pictures attached to the profile are marked as “certified”. This means their authenticity is checked and guaranteed. This is not to say that uncertified pictures are not genuine. There could be various reasons an escort girl does not wish to have her photo certified – most commonly to do with her wish to maintain anonymity. Many attractive girls have a sideline in commercial sex to supplement their income from another job, are university students, or even housewives in search of some excitement. Certification is just an extra guarantee for the client that the photo is a truthful representation of the escort’s appearance.

That said, the industry is not completely immune to deception. Some escort girls might try to advertise via stolen or fake pictures. Others use their own pictures but manipulate the images heavily by photo editing. Our advice is to apply a healthy dose of common sense when choosing your companion. Remember that everyone likes a great looking picture of themselves, even for the most mundane of purposes. Make-up and lighting create flattering images. Many agencies try to promote realistic looks and as a directory we do our best to support this trend. Nevertheless, some small variations are to be expected - real life is not an illustration. If, in rare cases you come across false claims about significant facts such as age, body type, bust size, then you have to contact the agency who will try to resolve the situation (perhaps by arranging another booking for you). If we happen upon evidence of deceptive behaviour, we would blacklist the profile with immediate effect.

How do I search through the site?

Easy – use the categories and apply the filters. There are categories for agencies, independent escorts, girls associated with adult venues (such as strip clubs), erotic dancers, masseuses, call girls. Once you have chosen the category, you can narrow down the search based on looks, bust size, body type. You can browse all escort girls in Malta by area, by distance from you, by in-call/outcall availability, or by services, such as oral, domination, roleplay, prostate massage, cum in mouth, pornstar experience. The list is rich and varied, so you can be fairly sure you will eventually find what you are looking for. We have designed our website in a way that makes browsing fun – high-quality images, fast speed, and plenty of clickable escort ads to guide you in your pursuit of pleasure.

Where can I find information about the charges?

You can find this, and pretty much everything else you need to know about the companions on their profile pages. The rates are clearly displayed there with the time interval they apply to (usually an hour). It is worth pointing out that the directory is not involved in any way in setting the charges. We publish the profiles but do not influence their contents. Our job is to list as many quality ads as possible, but we do not get involved in financial decisions. Clients should accept the rates as presented and not try to negotiate lower price – bargaining is not really encouraged in this line of work. Individual escorts and agencies charge in accordance with personal qualities and market dynamics. If the rates appear too high for your budget, keep searching until you find prices that are better suited to your particular financial circumstances.

I have chosen a girl, how do I contact her now?

That depends very much on whether this escort you want to book works for an agency or is self-employed. To book a companion attached to an agency you will have to make an enquiry via the agency website (or sometimes by calling their phone number). Usually the company has a straightforward procedure in place – they require some form of ID and use a vetting protocol before confirming the booking. Many independent girls on the directory state on their profiles their preferred way of communication – email, phone call or text message. We have incorporated a convenient function on our platform allowing clients to get immediately in touch with the escorts via the profile page – just by clicking few buttons. Usually clients who leave a message can expect a call back from the girl within reasonable time.

What if the escort girl I want to book is not available?

So you have been browsing for a while and now you have found your ideal Maltese escort girl. You are bursting to see her straight away, but she is fully booked until next week. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do but wait. Many companions have very busy diaries and cannot accommodate bookings at a short notice. If it is an agency escort you are after, you can talk with the agency staff and they can probably offer you an alternative. Some elite companions though are booked for weeks ahead, so you might need to hang around a bit. If you have chosen an independent escort, by all means, communicate directly with her to check how soon she has an opening in her schedule. Don’t be forceful though – the call girl would not cancel a prior engagement in order to meet you. Think about it – if you are a client seeing a companion tonight, would you like her to postpone your session in the last-minute just because another punter has told her to do so? No, we didn’t think so! The girls try to respond to all requests as promptly as possible. Be patient - chances are the experience will be well worth the delay.

Can I leave a review?

Yes, you can - and we would urge you to do so. All companions appreciate positive feedback which raises their professional standing. Prospective clients value the objective opinions of other men who have gained first-hand impression of the escort and her qualities. And we welcome genuine comments from customers as these help us increase our platform credibility. Try to be factual. If your experience was less than perfect, don’t try to vent your displeasure through a bad review – in such situation your first port of call should be the agency. Their experienced staff usually can put things right. Of course, you can still leave negative feedback, but it doesn’t have to be worded in a hostile way. Same with the independent escorts – voice your criticism in a measured tone and nine times out of ten times the companion will try to address your issues constructively.

Who can advertise with you?

We offer our webpages to individual clients, escort agencies and sex entertainment businesses. Practically everyone involved in the adult industry can use the platform we have created to promote their talent and reach out to a huge audience. We ensure visibility and act as enthusiastic agent between the parties, driving traffic, linking buyers with suppliers and spreading around all relevant information so that customers find the right escort for their needs and wants.

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